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Webinar Services

Video Email, Live Conference and Live Presentation allows you the ability to instantly impact and dynamically interact with your family, friends, customers and colleagues through streaming video. Imagine sending a video email to a business prospect to confirm an appointment or thank them for their interest. The potential customer will see and hear your enthusiasm and experience an immediate connection, keeping you ahead of the competition. Follow up a video email by inviting customers to a Live Conference or Live Presentation to maximize everyone´s time by meeting in a virtual conference room.

  • Helps Grow Your Business
  • Saves Time and Money
  • Reduces Travel
  • Convenient – Use From Anywhere
  • Communicate Face-to-Face
  • Create Instant Impact

Video Email - Create and send personalized video emails in a template with links directing recipients to your website and beyond. Use customized templates to create brand recognition, instant impact and lasting connections with your customers. Click HERE for more information.

Live Conference - Conduct live meetings with up to 12 people from around the world. Improve collaboration with your team members and suppliers. Increase productivity and reduce costly and time consuming travel. Click HERE for more information.

Live Presentation - Up to 6 presenters can make global presentations to hundreds of viewers. Integrate a variety of media by switching from a Power Point presentation to flash video to a white board. Chat with viewers for maximum interaction. Click HERE for more information.

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